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Juice vs. Smoothie

A popular debate in the health and wellness world is Juice vs Smoothie. You want to know which is better, right? Or maybe you are uncertain of the differences.

First of all, we are talking about fresh organic ingredients, not the blended drinks and juices from the supermarket that contain almost as much sugar as a soda and have very little nutritional value.

Juice vs Smoothie.  It’s not for better or worse. You do not have to pick just one and stick with it, but it is important to understand the differences when you are standing at the café or counter deciding. “To blend or not to blend.”

Got Fiber?  Juicing is easy on the digestion, because of it’s lack of fiber, making it ideal to pack the most nutrient dense wholesome fruits and veggies without the bloat. This is what makes juicing ideal for cleansing, or for those that are chronically fatigued or recovering from an illness. You get the most nutrition with the least amount of energy to take in those vitamins and minerals! Those with diabetes or blood sugar issues may choose the smoothie or a vegetable-based juice (like the yogi). The fiber from smoothies can help with a slower release of insulin, plus you can pack them full of superfoods like Maca and Ashwaganda, that help balance out bloodsugar. 

Balance. Smoothies are wonderful for adding extra superfoods and if you need a powerful punch for your superhero tasks of the day it may be good to substitute for a meal(yes we can do that!) This will give you lots of endurance and resistance for fighting fastfood crimes. 

Cleanse. On the flip side, sometimes smoothies can leave us a little heavy and tired, like after eating a big meal, because it does take more of our digestion power. This is when you may choose a juice, especially pre or post workout, to energize and not weight you down, when cleansing, or to hydrate yourself!

The Practical. Knowing that smoothies have to be consumed immediately while a good cold pressed juice can be taken home and finished within 3 days may be the last piece of information while you are standing at the café counter in this dilemma of juice vs. smoothie. 

As with all of our food choices, arm yourself with knowledge and be playfully curious while experimenting with what works for you. Knowing why you are making the choices you are making is food consciousness.  Most importantly slow down and enjoy what’s in front of you. Celebrating summer means we get to enjoy even more of these healthy wonders and with our loved ones too, even if they are a smoothie person and you are a juicer. 

Be Happy Tip: If you smoothie, save your straw, place it between your teeth sideways when dealing with that stressful person at the office. It will make you smile ☺ 



Dani McGuire(Vani), Jai Co-Founder, Ayurveda Health Educator, Yoga Therapist.