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Celebration on a Cellular Level

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You asked, and we answered! Check out some of our customer's most frequent questions about our products and juicing methods. If you still need clarification on something don't hesitate to send and email to us at info@jaijuice.com. 

Is your produce organic?

Yes! Unlike many other juice and health food businesses, all of our products are organic and often we try to partner with local farmers when possible.  

What does it mean to be "Non-GMO?"

All of our cold-pressed juices and raw foods are Non-GMO. Using certified Non-GMO products guarantees that we only source produce and products that are void of GMO (genetically modified organisms). So you can rest assured knowing each sip, each bite is 100% natural.

What is HPP?

HPP stands for High Pressure Pasturization, and it’s a method used to extend the shelf life of juice—and save money. Our cold-pressed juices aren't treated with HPP, and never will be. Because cold-pressed and fresh is best, we don’t use any artificial means to extend the life of a product for our benefit. This is the benefit of getting fresh juices rather than from an online juicer or those carried at grocery stores. We’d rather have them brimming with nutrients and better for you.


Is my juice made to order?

No. We have our classic Jai Juice cleanses and recipes that we have tested for optimal taste, nutrients and Food combinations. Our generous 16 oz bottled cold-pressed juices are made with a Norwalk juicer daily and must be consumed within 3 days. This method extracts the juice, which preserves the highest nutritional content possible and delivers pulp-free juices that are superb for detoxification and cleansing programs. Cold-pressed bottled versions because it's a question of taste and convenience!


Do you have gluten-free offerings?

Yes! Most of our food selection is raw and all of our juices and smoothies are gluten-free. We also offer a range of gluten-free snacks and most of our salads. The homemade salad dressings can be exchanged on the salads for the gluten-free options. 

Are your juices and smoothies vegan?


What type of milk do you use?

Our almond, cashew and hemp mylks are made every few days at Jai so you are not getting anything processed or additives that can cause inflammation in the body like the nut milks you purchase in the store. We also offer organic coconut milk or cow's milk. 


What sweeteners do you offer?

We sweeten our smoothies with organic dates, fruits or honey so that you do not get the sugar spikes of other sweeteners. This gives you the best boost in energy and sustainable power for your day.


Why do you only offer one size smoothie?

Our recipes are standardized for quality and consistency at 12oz so that you’re guaranteed a delicious consistant drink every time. 


Can I add my own powder or medication to the smoothie?

When you have the drink in your hands you can do whatever you want! But it’s against the law for us to take anything from you—produce, powders, supplements. We add organic and raw super foods to our smoothies and have Jai tonics for nutritional boosts and added benefits, but we still believe that simple, organic fresh pressed juices are best for healing your body and our main diet should be focus around rejuvenating and cleansing the body on a cellular level, verses adding extras that may be accumulating in the tissues and causing imbalances in the system. At Jai we exist to remove excess weight, waste and toxins so that we feel in harmony with our natural state of health and the best way for us to do this is to use simple, organic and fresh ingredients verses powders and too many super food suplements. 


Do you offer a delivery service?

Currently, no. Possibly in the future. If you want it let us know! 


Do you sell gift cards?

Yes. Gift cards are available in any amount and valid at our downtown Jai Juice Location.


Do you offer discounts for frequent customers?

Yes. Check out our frequent cleanser package here. 


Is Jai Juice a franchise, or part of a chain?

Jai Juice is proudly Fort Wayne founded and operated in since 2014 but we do offer easy-breezy whole sale and franchise opportunities. For more information please contact info@jaijuice.com