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About Jai Jus

If you are like us, then you appreciate good value.

When you are going out to eat or drink, you want an experience.  You want to be treated right, and you want a variety of viable options.  You desire good food and drink at a fair price. There should be some atmosphere as well.

Welcome to Jai Jus!  We have been listening and we are ready to serve you.  Get ready to indulge your body and soul in mouthwatering tastes and nutritious delights all prepared the way you like.

Yes, Jai Jus looks different.  It feels different too. That’s our plan.  We are not like other places. We strive to do our best for each and every customer.  In addition, we care about our community. We have taken great steps to insure that our produce is organic, and our drinks are served in reusable glass bottles.  Our food is served in recycled containers. And, we donate a portion of our profits to the Immigrant Center for Women and Children.

Thank you for entrusting us with your daily nutrition.  We are grateful for your business and look forward to serving you again soon.  Make it a wonderful day.

About Ingrid Meza

Ingrid considers her childhood a blessing.  She grew up with her loving family in the tropics of Central America.  She feels grateful to have had a wonderful education, to be able to spend her afternoons splashing about in the Pacific Ocean and to play in the coffee, tobacco and cotton fields that surrounded her home.  Additionally, she enjoyed stealing mangoes from the trees in the park, racing motorcycles with her brothers and eating fresh seafood caught that morning.

Ingrid inherited her parents work ethic as she watched her father build his own business and her mother entertain dignitaries at their home.  Ingrid considers herself a dreamer. Her parents always encouraged her to pursue her passion from the time she was young. Rooted deep inside her is a “can-do” attitude.  Ingrid believes anything is possible.

She is ready to bring her passion for a healthy lifestyle to her San Diego community.  She promises to put lots of love into each and every food and drink she prepares. Come see Ingrid for a unique customer experience.

About Randy DeLue

At the age of nineteen, Randy made the decision to adapt a vegetarian diet.  Since that time, his quest to eat healthy has only deepened. He is now fully vegan and is convinced that for him, a vegan lifestyle is optimal.

Randy’s background is in health and wellness.  He has owned two health clubs and has continued to work in the wellness industry.  Randy says, “The healthiest people I know, eat right and exercise. It’s that simple.  Our bodies are made to move, and the food we eat is the fuel for that movement.”

As Randy reaches a new stage in life, watching his children go off to college, he has a new passion.  He has a burning desire to educate his community. He loves San Diego and plans to live out his life in this paradise.  Consequently, he wants to offer education and resources to his fellow San Diegans. This city is known for it’s healthy lifestyle options.  Randy and Ingrid feel they can bring their years of knowledge to the marketplace by creating a place where people want to gather to celebrate life.

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