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Jai Jus

Giving Back, Paying Forward

I touched on why I want Jai Jus to be a green company in my last post. But community building goes farther than implementing a recycling program. Indeed it does. Ingrid and I want to positively affect different segments of our neighborhood. There is suffering in San Diego and we want to help where possible.

Jai Jus

Green Is The Color

Today I want to discuss our decision to make Jai Jus as ​green​ a company as possible. The vision for our company includes doing our part for our planet. To that end we have made the decision to serve our juices and smoothies in reusable glass containers rather than in plastic. Sadly, most of the

Jai Jus

Jai Jus Is Born

As I last left you, I think we were in the jungles of central america watching Ingrid build an international community with her neighbors. Let’s zoom back over to southern california where Ingrid and I have become a very happy couple. Although our backgrounds couldn’t be much different, our core values and beliefs are actually

Jai Jus

Our Story Begins

Many people ask us why we decided to start a business. Our story is somewhat unique. In order to understand why, we must travel far away from the sunny beaches of San Diego to a tropical paradise in El Salvador. There a young Ingrid was always found swimming in the ocean, eating fresh fruit and

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