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Giving Back, Paying Forward

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I touched on why I want Jai Jus to be a green company in my last post. But community building goes farther than implementing a recycling program. Indeed it does. Ingrid and I want to positively affect different segments of our neighborhood. There is suffering in San Diego and we want to help where possible. Jai Jus is proud to introduce our Matching Tip Program.

We know our members will offer tips to our employees. We appreciate their kindness. Ingrid and I will match and donate up 100% of the amount collected in tips to The Immigration Center for Women and Children. In other words, if we collect $200 in tips in a given month, Ingrid and I will send a check to The ICWC.

This fine organization offers legal advice to members of our community who are in very difficult situations. We know we can not help everyone all the time. But, we also know that we can do something. We encourage you to get involved as well. Please help those less fortunate in your community. Thank you.

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