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Green Is The Color

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Today I want to discuss our decision to make Jai Jus as ​green​ a company as possible. The vision for our company includes doing our part for our planet. To that end we have made the decision to serve our juices and smoothies in reusable glass containers rather than in plastic. Sadly, most of the plastic containers used today winds up in landfills, and it takes ages to biodegrade.

Therefore, we are putting in place our own recycle program. If you bring your glass container back to us, we will give you a reduced price on your next purchase. We have not yet determined the exact price incentive, but it will be substantial. It is our pleasure to make this offer as we feel strongly about doing what we can to protect our environment. Also, we want to include you, our customers in this effort. Building a community takes many people working together.

Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, we have had to rethink some of our philosophies for the sake of our customer’s safety. Rather than recycle glass bottles at this time, we have decided to use the best quality recyclable plastic we can find. We believe this makes more sense as now is not the time to serve our juices in containers that were used by someone previously. We have also found a supplier for straws made out of pasta. These straws will be available by request at no charge. We will encourage our customers to purchase their own reusable straws. We are truly committed to offering the healthiest drink and food items in the safest manner possible.

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